If you are reading this post, probably you are interested in joining the internship program by Digital Deepak and, If you are Reading this post Before 04 Feb 2020, you are Lucky, continue Reading to Find out why.

This review is based on my personal experience, I’ve joined the program in the first batch — December 2019. So far I am very much satisfied with the internship program and learnt a few new things.

An Internship Program like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it covers all the things you need to become a digital marketing expert. The…

’Tis the season to — get hitched!

There are two sides to every wedding. One is for you, where you have to organize the entire wedding — do the running around, choose the wedding card design, finalize it, get approval from the “Supreme Court” [Is it your mom or your dad, hmmm?], get it printed then run to give it to people. Phew!! And in the middle of all that, the wedding dress is to be decided, venue finalization, sangeet practice and breaking your head with different vendors!

On the other side are people who absolutely love weddings — the…

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and NEVER SCORE. — Bill Copeland

Before you begin reading, let me give you some clarity regarding what you can expect in this article.

  • The Secret to understanding everything more clearly — The Golden Triangle
  • How to Become a Better Marketer
  • Understanding and Creating Your Buyer Persona


The Golden Triangle is the Secret Mantra to become a better learner. The steps are simple.

Learn It > Do It ? Teach It

But why should you follow this approach?

This is…

Half-knowledge is always dangerous; either be ignorant or excellent.

— Roseleene Zackariyas

With Digital Marketing consistently being one of the most trending topics since the past 3–5 years, a huge percentage of people have been moving towards it — in terms of Deploying it for their Businesses, and in terms of Making it a Career.

In the huge shift of Employees towards Digital Marketing jobs, rise in Freelancers and Agencies, a common phenomenon observed is that out of the words Digital and Marketing, the focus tends to be on Digital. They forget the “Marketing” aspect. …

Kamna Jain

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