Digital Marketing Basics | Essential Tips for Beginners

Half-knowledge is always dangerous; either be ignorant or excellent.

— Roseleene Zackariyas

With Digital Marketing consistently being one of the most trending topics since the past 3–5 years, a huge percentage of people have been moving towards it — in terms of Deploying it for their Businesses, and in terms of Making it a Career.

In the huge shift of Employees towards Digital Marketing jobs, rise in Freelancers and Agencies, a common phenomenon observed is that out of the words Digital and Marketing, the focus tends to be on Digital. They forget the “Marketing” aspect. Both words have to be learned and executed in unison.

To begin with, it is essential to understand the niche you want to specialize in. Before marketing even comes in the picture, it is important to try and choose a product that best meets the current market needs such that the product markets itself. The customers should get drawn to the business.

And when we talk about Digital Marketing as well, being an expert in a specific field, i.e., a niche gives you an opportunity to become wealthier.

To succeed as a Digital Marketer, it is essential that one is a good communicator, too. At the base of Digital Marketing lie two pillars, Content and Communication. The right content if not reached out to the significant audience will not give effective results. Having an understanding of which audience will like which type of content and in which form, is where the importance of communication comes in. Remember, it is important because:

  • You need to first understand the problem
  • You need to effectively let the other person know that you can solve their problem

As human beings, we learn based on the content we consume. The kind of content you need to consume to become a better communicator are:

  • Reading books — If you are not an avid reader, start simple. Read simple texts in areas of your interest. Then move to relatively complex text. Begin with 30 minutes a day.
  • Listening to podcasts — Podcasts are accessible via multiple apps such as Spotify, Hubhopper and Google Podcasts
  • Write regularly — Writing about 500–1000 words per day you will notice your content structure, conciseness and quality keep improving
  • Watch English Sitcoms — This will expose you to newer words, improving your vocabulary

For the second pillar, Content to be effective, an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy needs to be put in place. In short, you cannot just show ads to your audience and expect to get conversions. Your ads should drive them to your content, say on social media or to your website. Through these means, an email database needs to be collected. This email database can be used for consistent communication whenever new content is shared. This will lead to continuous and increasing traffic which can slowly be converted to sales. To summarize Show Ads > Drive Traffic > Collect Email IDs > Create a database > Share Content via Email > Now Use Ads for Conversions

All the above being said, the human mind is bound to have its own inhibitions such as,

  • Will Digital Marketing get affected if there is a Global Recession in 2020?

What happens in a recession is that spending power of people reduces. The focus needs to be on the word REDUCES. Even in times of recession, people will purchase.

If you can provide enough value to your customers, there is nothing to worry about.

  • What is the future of Digital Marketing? Will Automation take away Digital Marketing Jobs?

As long as the need for Marketing in our economy remains, the need for Digital Marketing will remain, too. The modes, mediums, and platforms through which it operates will keep evolving. As a market, Digital Marketing is here to stay.

As long as automation is concerned, it will replace those aspects where emotions and human decision-making is not required. To that extent, we are already seeing the rise of Chatbots. However, wherever human judgment is required, Digital Marketing will not get completely automated.

The key is to upskill oneself.

If you want to start with Digital Marketing, here are some tips to help you find your niche:

  • Market Research

a. Figure out pain points in various industries. Begin with your own problems. Do they have a solution? Yes. Okay, look for another problem. Did you find a solution? No. Great, create one. Look at it from a Digital Marketing perspective to start in this field.

b. Remember whenever you choose a niche, it should be a combination of TALENT + PASSION + MARKET OPPORTUNITY

  • Keyword Research

One of the ways of finding out whether the market opportunity is available or not is via Keyword Research. This will show you Search Volume. Basically, how many people are searching for the exact search terms.

How can you do it?

By using various tools such as:

  • Ubersuggest (Free)
  • Google Adwords Tool (Free)
  • Answer the Public (Free)
  • Search Console (Free)
  • Ahrefs (Freemium)
  • SEMRush (Freemium)

This article is published as a part of an assignment under the Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak.



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