Hit the Right Spot in Digital Marketing | Understand your Buyer

Kamna Jain
6 min readJan 2, 2020

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and NEVER SCORE. — Bill Copeland

Before you begin reading, let me give you some clarity regarding what you can expect in this article.

  • The Secret to understanding everything more clearly — The Golden Triangle
  • How to Become a Better Marketer
  • Understanding and Creating Your Buyer Persona


The Golden Triangle is the Secret Mantra to become a better learner. The steps are simple.

Learn It > Do It ? Teach It

But why should you follow this approach?

This is important because when you LEARN and consume information, it is all haphazard in your mind.

When you DO and use what you have learned, by say executing the knowledge or documenting it, your understanding of the skill/concept becomes much clearer. Moreover, since you are revisiting what you have learned, you tend to think more which leads to newer doubts and hence more understanding.

As you go ahead and TEACH what you learn to someone, the doubts which come your enable you to further learn more and when you explain, your concepts and base get stronger.

In this entire process, you might make a lot of MISTAKES. But, remember:

Mistakes are future benefits, the value of which is yet to be realised.

So if you make any mistakes, ensure you reflect to find out what could have been done better.


Gain Life Experiences

Have you ever noticed, how smoothly do some conversations flow with your close friends and family members? And when it comes to other social gatherings, maybe the conversation isn’t as smooth?

This means, how well you know someone, how much you can relate to them and how much you can contribute are essential factors in determining how well you can communicate.

And at the base of marketing lies communication! When we communicate with our audience and potential customers in the Digital World:

The content needs to be attractive!

When we travel, learn new skills, we grow as people. This allows us to include more information in our communication online as well. That way we add more value and it indirectly helps us in becoming better marketers.

Basically, more experiences > better marketing

Make Better Conversations

When it comes to Communication, Content, and Delivery are equally important.

When you deliver the information to your audience, it needs to be PERSONALIZED. The reader and receiver of the information need to feel like it is a ONE-ON-ONE CONVERSATION.

Only then can you make a desirable impact.

Because, in the Digital World we are all “Alone Together”

As marketers, we aim to reach out to thousands and lakhs of users, but in the end, they all use their mobile phones and laptops in their personal space. Hence, your communication cannot be generic.

Which brings me to share an important Copywriting Tip with you, for writing more effective content:

  • The structure of the content should follow this framework. It is a very basic formula. Headline > First Sentence > Second Sentence > Third Sentence

As basic as it sounds, we need to write every sentence with such content that it pushes the reader to continue reading the next line.

When you pay that kind of attention to every sentence, you end up with a Masterpiece in every big and small task, alike.

Be as Authentic as Possible

Surrounded by 100 people yet 200 faces, 1 thing everyone craves is Genuinity — Be it, people, experiences or promises, we want REAL STUFF!

Now, you cannot be fake and be genuine at the same time. To be real online, genuineness, needs to become a personal trait as well.

Begin with voicing your opinion in real life and let it flow to the communication you make online. That way you will be able to NOT JUST REACH but also TOUCH PEOPLE.

DO NOT fake it till you make it! Be REAL and kill it!


Learning, Applying and Teaching all that we learn; understanding and executing the tips of creating and communicating content professionally have been taken care of.

What next, you ask?

Next, it is important to know WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? But you may say, “Kamna, I know my audience in general, I will market to them, let me see how it goes. Why spend extra time on this research?”

Well, so let me tell you why it is important to KNOW WHO YOUR AUDIENCE IS!

  • As established, we all agree we communicate best and openly with our close friends and family members. One of the reasons we are able to do that is because We Know Them Well! Having a mutual understanding of what they like, what their interests are, allows us to communicate their way.

Similarly, to communicate best with our audience, we need to define and clearly understand who they are. This allows a seamless conversation

  • If everyone is your audience, no one will be your audience.

As a marketer, the audience cannot be generic. Breaking down the audience and specifying their behaviour is important to get the best results.

How to Create a Buyer Persona?

Which information do you need?

  • Demographics

This includes factors such as Age, Gender, Education, Profession, Location, Marital Status, Income Level

  • Psychographics

This includes factors such as Interests, Hobbies, Fears, Likes & Dislikes, Personal Nature


Reaching out to potential customers via CALLS, SURVEYS and any sort of INTERACTION can give the best insight.

In case, such direct access to customers is not possible, an EDUCATED DESCRIPTION based on the information available should be created.

What is important to remember is that creating a Buyer Persona is not a one time process. It gets refined and better as more and more information is received.


Let me help you with an example of a Buyer Persona before I end this article.

The buyer persona is being created for a Business with the following details:

  • Name: Sri Parshwa Cards
  • Industry: Wedding Cards retail
  • Location: Bengaluru

To get a survey filled from my potential customer I would ideally find out the following information about them:


  • 21–25
  • 26–34
  • 35–45
  • 46–60
  • 60 and above


  • Male
  • Female

Do you prefer Home Visit or Visiting the Shop?

  • Home Visit
  • Visiting the Shop

What is your annual income?

  • Below 5 lakhs
  • 6–16 lakhs
  • 20–50 lakhs
  • Above 50 lakhs

How many months before the wedding do you purchase wedding cards?

  • 1 month
  • 2 month
  • 3 months

The buyer persona for wedding cards could be

  1. Mr. Atul who falls in the age range of 46–60 who earns above Rs. 50 lakhs per annum, resides in Bangalore. He prefers visiting the shop and buying wedding cards 3 months in advance.
  2. Mr. Atul’s son, Rahul who falls in the age range of 21–35, earns in between Rs. 10–50 lakhs per annum, resides in Bangalore. He prefers to visit the shop to see the wedding cards before placing the order. He buys wedding cards 2 months in advance.

As a marketer, to begin with, I will choose ONE buyer persona. Why would I do that?

Because it is important to FOCUS ON THE CENTRE. There will be multiple types of buyers who would be interested in buying the product you sell. But, you have to target that buyer who is the Best Fit.

When you communicate, do it by keeping that single buyer, in this case, Rahul in your mind. The content that you create should revolve around best meeting the needs of Rahul.

I hope this article has helped you in understanding How to Market Better and Who to Market it to along with knowing about the Secret to Learning everything better using the Golden Triangle.

This article has been documented from the learnings of the Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak.