Marriages are Made in Heaven, but Marriage Invitation Cards?

’Tis the season to — get hitched!

There are two sides to every wedding. One is for you, where you have to organize the entire wedding — do the running around, choose the wedding card design, finalize it, get approval from the “Supreme Court” [Is it your mom or your dad, hmmm?], get it printed then run to give it to people. Phew!! And in the middle of all that, the wedding dress is to be decided, venue finalization, sangeet practice and breaking your head with different vendors!

On the other side are people who absolutely love weddings — the guests! Come, eat and chill.

Well, if WEDDINGS were hassle-free, even you would be able to enjoy it more. Don’t you think so?

Don’t fear when Sri Parshwa Cards is here!

All we aim at doing is making your life easier. How? We provide D2D Service — which means Design to Delivery. And, that too at your doorstep. So that way,

  • You don’t have to step out of the house
  • You can get the approval from your Supreme Court in the comfort of your House

This way you can have one less task on your to-do list for the wedding.

We can offer you the best services and wedding cards. But, we also offer you our personalized suggestions to choose the best wedding invitation as per your theme, requirement as well as budget.

Based on the opinion from our expert panel, you can see the TOP TWO TRENDING CARDS in the last 8 days in January 2020!

The Pastel Coloured Cards | Source: Sri Parshwa Cards
The Royal Blue Wedding Invitation | Source: Sri Parshwa Cards

The Pastel colours are an all-time favourite of any wedding which has the theme as pink or any light colour. The Royal Blue Invitation is the best way to begin any kind of Elegant Wedding. It has a bold and stunning look. Use code SPC-001 and SPC-002 for the above cards respectively.

An invitation card speaks about the quality of the wedding. Once your guests receive any of these two cards, they are bound to be a part of the wedding.

Well, so if you want to forget the hassle of choosing the best designs, getting your cards printed and pasted, all in the same place — place your order for the wedding card at Sri Parshwa Cards. Take a step towards a comfortable lifestyle for you and the ones around you.

And, you can also get Boxed Wedding Cards as well as Thank You Cards of the same theme and design.

Remember, Marriages are Made in Heaven; and the Best Marriage Invitation Cards only at Sri Parshwa Cards, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Or you can visit our showroom at

And in case, you are wondering — can love happen after marriage? You can read about it here.



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